Thursday, November 5, 2009

My wonderful morning!!

This morning I woke up and I was dripping wet! I needed to be fucked so bad….. Luckily I had a guy coming over to buy a pair of my wet panties! When he got to my place I took him back into my room. He stood in front of me as a slowly took off my wet black panties. He had already pulled out his cock and as soon as I handed him my panties he started to rub them on his cock. That only made me even more wet!! I slowly put a hand on my exposed pussy and started rubbing my pulsing clit. We made eye contact as he removed my panties from his cock and brought them up to his nose to sniff them. As he inhaled my sweet pussy scent he let out a sexy moan! That drove me so wild I had to get on my bed! Getting on my knee’s I laid my head on my pillow and started to rub my pussy harder, as he stood over me still rubbing his hard cock on my wet panties. I reached over to the side of my bed and grabbed my long blue dildo. I hurried back to my pussy and started to furiously fuck myself. I was surprised when I felt a hand on my ass. He had started to rub my ass while he was still rubbing himself. All of a sudden, while I was distracted by the pleasure of my dildo penetrating me and his hand on my ass, I felt something warm and wet on my anus. I gasped in pleasure and moaned loudly. Ooooo it felt so good! He licked and sucked on my sweet ass hole! I had never had a guy do that to me and I absolutely LOVED it!!! He slowly started to tongue fuck me. It almost drove me over the edge at first! I could not belive how good it felt. The feeling of his tongue in my ass and my dildo fucking me was unbelievable!! I could still feel his hands on my ass, slowly stroking me, one hand slowly moving towards my anus. He replaced his tongue with his thumb and I lost it! I started to move my hips back towards him pushing his thumb deeper inside my ass. I could not hold it any longer!! I came so hard my legs started to shake! I love selling my panties!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Here is Rob's review of my panties!!!!

Ok this one is a long time in coming and should of done sometime ago, But Sex Kitty asked that it be held back until now. So without further delay………..
Having known Sex Kitty for sometime now via her site and blog and always meaning to order from her I finely took the bull by the horns and did! Well today I got a pair of lovely black lace thongs via the post from Sex Kitty.. Oh boy, oh boy, what a lovely pair they are indeed...
Ops sorry, getting back to the package, I opened it and found two gifts inside, a link to a picture of her wearing the thong and the other was the thong. I would show you how well they were wrapped, BUT in my eagerness to open them, I ripped the wrapping paper off before I thought about getting my camera out! lol.
Well once I open the zipped lock bag, I was greeted with such a wonderful aroma, so much so that I had to sit down and savor the moment. Oh my it was lovely, the sweet scent and aroma that Sex Kitty had left behind was just wonderful and to be able to taste her from the stain that was left by her was breathtaking indeed. What a wonderful experience and I’m now asking myself, why oh why, did I take so long to sample Sex Kitty?? So go try her out for yourself and enjoy her as much as I have....